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Interactive HVAC Calculators

Features a list of interactive HVAC calculators.

This also available on the Coburn's Connect App that can be downloaded in iTunes or Google Play.
On the app, you must add yourself to the HVAC Group in order to see the HVAC calculator.
To add yourself to a group go to Menu > Profile.

Jobsite Sheets & Warranty Forms

These are interactive sheets that you must download to your desktop for it to work.
After you download it to your computer and fill out the pdf, then you can save your information & print/fax it or email it to your local Coburn's salesperson.

Tech Tips
  • Calculating CFM in the field
  • Calculating Total Heat Transferred
  • Capacitors Part 1
  • Capacitors Part 2
  • Carbon Monoxide Part 1
  • Carbon Monoxide Part 2
  • Compressor Check
  • Contactor Measurements
  • Duct Sizing Chart
  • Duct Sweating? Measure the Dew Point
  • External Static Pressure
  • Flame Sensors
  • Flushing Linesets
  • Indoor Temperature Drop
  • Humidity & Relative Humidity
  • Mixed air formulas...Setting Outdoor Air percentage
  • Motor Poles vs RPM
  • Motors, what is going on?
  • How does a reversing valve work?
  • Measuring Superheat and Subcool
  • It's not Relative Humidity; It's the Grains of Moisture!
  • Transformers
  • Two-Stage Gas Furnaces
  • Replacement Refrigerants Residential HVAC: Do's and Don'ts
  • How does LED Lighting affect HVAC

HVAC Technical Charts
  • 3 Phase Imbalance Sheet
  • Air Conditioning Checklist
  • Air Conditioning Compressor Checklist
  • CFM Calculations (This in an interactive sheet that you
    must download to your desktop for it to work.)
  • Duct Size Chart
  • Ductboard Standards
  • Estimated Temperature Drop
  • Heating Temperature Rise to CFM
  • Psychrometric Chart
  • Pressure Temperature Chart
  • SH SC Thumb Chart
  • SuperHeat and SubCool Chart
  • Total Heat Calculation
  • QDR WorkSheet


Visit Coburn's HVAC Tech Videos.

Education & Training Courses

Visit Coburn's Education & Training courses for information on HVAC classes available in your area.

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